3 sure bet ways to win in life

Apparently about 3 in 10 of us stopped our lives to watch a certain horse race in the past week. Last year we wagered $657 million over the four day carnival. That’s a lot of bets we were hoping to win!

As an article I found in the online Age this week pointed out, that amount’s only a drop in the ocean compared to what we put into pokies over the course of a year.

As a nation, it seems we love to bet. In fact, over $20 billion is lost by us every year. That accounts to about $1500 per person ‘fluttering’ out of our pockets annually.

For the half of us who do it casually, betting’s a bit of fun on the side of our lives. The thrill of “will I win?” is worth it, even though we don’t bring home the cash. The lure of an easy windfall can also pull strong – wouldn’t you like to win a million big ones?

Those of us with a strong desire to win at something, rather than to feel the flutter, may benefit from placing our money and efforts elsewhere. If you’re looking for a sure bet, something that’ll truly pay dividends back into your life, there are better places to do it than gambling. Here’s my top three sure bets worth some of your time, cash and attention:


At the end of the day, no one else is ever going to be as interested in you as you are. And though you may have left school a long time ago, there’s still a massive quantity of untapped potential in you. That’s true whether you currently see yourself as a loser or as pretty special. There’s many areas of life you could work on.

Back yourself as a worthy investment. You’ll find the most successful people in life are doing this all the time – way more than the rest of us! Some theories say you should only build on your strengths, but it can be better to fill in a hole – particularly if it’s creating big losses in your life. Maybe you should learn how to improve your finances, eat better or handle your anger.  Go find yourself a book, good mentor or some decent training and get started – redirect some of your betting resources to fund it.

Your inner circle

Some of us work hard managing our social profile, but take for granted the small group who see us most days and know what we’re really like. Flip that order. Your close relationships have the biggest impact on how you feel about life, and are worthy of deliberate investment. All relationships need regular attention, so give the ones you value some priority. The wins come in a trifecta here – doing this is good for the other person, the relationship and your own sense of well-being. What can you do to add a bit of fun, depth or appreciation to one of them?

Back what’s important to you

My final tip’s also worth noting: focus on what’s important to you. We can easily become distracted by what “everyone” else’s talking about. Or be subtly bullied into chasing things we don’t personally care about by someone who has influence over us. “Favourites” have a psychological pull we ought be aware of. When I get unwittingly caught by agendas not my own, I find myself becoming less: smaller, and more miserable or grumpy. Far better I know what my values are – what I think’s important – and focus my energy on those things. Sure, some time needs to go to feeding the family, cleaning the house and so on (the managing of day to day life!), but when I lose sight of what I care about and am trying to achieve, I’m setting myself up to fail.

If you really want to start your own little business, turn off the tv and do something about it! Wish you’d done more study? Google your topic and you’re sure to find a course. (Just check the creator has values which match yours before signing up!) Step outside, look up at the sky and remember what your dreams were or are. Then back those dreams with some cash and see what happens. Even if it fails, you’ve done more than wish whilst your life races by! Best of luck!!