Everyone works out of a few cherished values, beliefs or ideas and we’re no different. These are our underpinning assumptions:

Attitudes, abilities and awareness

When we’re dissatisfied and want change, there are three areas we may need to address: Firstly, our mental approach to the situation, or our attitudes. Attitudes shape everything. Next, our lack of information on the topic, at least as it relates to us. We call that awareness. Finally, we may need to improve the skills we’re using in trying to get what we want. They’re our abilities. All three are critical if we want to successfully make things better in any part of our lives.

We call this the Triple A approach to positive change and it’s part of our DNA. It’ll be more apparent in our training (which you can read about elsewhere) than on this site, but it’s a strong grid through which most things are considered.


We live in a world of competition and comparison. She’s a size 10; he drives an expensive car; she’s an executive; look where they live; my kid walked at three months… And that’s before we get to sports teams and salaries! It’s an era where “It’s all about me!”

There’s a few challenges inherent with that. The first is it’s logistically impossible for it all to be about you when it’s all about me!! In fact it’s completely unworkable as a concept, and continuing down this path of self interest and obsession is going to destroy us all. For the sake of our planet we need to change our tune.

Cooperation doesn’t mean you get the lot while I get none. It does mean I have to share – and so should you – until we all have enough. The benefits are huge. If I help you, then I release goodwill into the world. You succeed. You pass it on. And everyone lifts. The potential leverage of living this way is astronomical.


Attached to the idea of cooperation is generosity. There’s more than enough of everything in this world for everyone. So instead of grabbing stuff for ourselves, we can afford to be open-handed. This applies to our relationships and words as well as our wallets!

When you live with an attitude of goodwill towards others, you have a generous mindset. Not only are you less stressed but you also end up with more. Better health, better reputations, a better life.  We’re constantly amazed at the car parks we get and the bargains we find. You do reap what you sow!

In contrast to this is the tight fisted person. You can’t receive much when your hands are clamped shut from grabbing and a sense of entitlement!

Make it a better place…

In a world full of craziness (and we don’t mean the fun version!) we can either passively accept everything or actively work to make things better. We’re going for the latter! And we encourage you to do the same! Even small things can make a difference. So bring on those RAOKs! (That’s Random Acts of Kindness for those of you who’re uninitiated.)

In case you’re panicking, we don’t have a particular drum to beat, though we do personally support plenty of causes. Choose your own passion, though we challenge you to pick a cause which helps more than your immediate tribe! You can start small. A smile, encouraging word, or a five dollar donation helps you as well as others. And makes our world a nicer place to be!

Balance between relationships and achievements

As far as we can work out, a good life’s a mix of people and tasks. Or, you could say, good relationships and succeeding by getting stuff done. We know plenty of high achievers with no friends – and others with lots of mates who never achieve much. And we also know some people who’ve done neither well.

As humans we need both. We doubt there’s a single point along a line which is universally ‘the right balance’ but it’s definitely somewhere in the middle. Let’s find it.