Hi, I’m Sharon Edwards, positive mental health coach and trainer, life enthusiast and ordinary person. I run a training company called Head Set Go! to help people with their personal wellness and positive change. This blog is the sister site of that, because I have an integrity issue with web pages that always sell you stuff! I guess that tells you a lot right there… (though do go and check out how we may help you anyway!)

Here’s some other things you may care to know:

I had a teenage self-esteem/depression crisis that only good people and a spiritual experience pulled me out of (though I don’t go on about that much).

I hated school but eventually worked out I love learning. I’m always reading or watching something. I care about research and ideas, but only if they have application for real lives.

I worked for 13 years as a youth worker and have a secondary teaching qualification. I’ve been a stay at home mum, volunteered everywhere, and always (since a teenager) coached, taught and encouraged others. I especially love netball.

I’m pro family and friends, and achieving worthwhile things.

I consider it my call to help other people and situations become better versions of themselves.

The aim of this blog is to take what I’ve learned and put it out there so you don’t have to read and research the way I have! If by reading a post or doing a course you’ve taken on a new idea, then I’ll have succeeded, and you’ll have a better life!

 I hope you enjoy what you find, and welcome your feedback. Comment via our Facebook page or email me (if you’re that old!) via sharon@headsetgo.com.