Remember to Breathe

RAINMany of us have been suffering from bad weather lately; sometimes from the sky and sometimes from other people. It’s kind of easy to feel depressed when that happens, and dull our living down to avoid the intensity of emotions raised. But then we’re sad without feeling the pain.

If that’s you, the best thing to do is take a deep breath and walk into the situation – with some help or support if necessary – and find a way to live through or despite it. Not easy I know, but infinitely better than surviving your way through life. So why not step outside (remember to breathe!) and put a hand into the rain? Feel the splash, feel the cool, feel whatever you feel.

The truth is, hard feelings don’t have to kill you. There’s always a way through pain. Remember to breathe and be real today. You’ll be ok. You can get through.


As I’ve got a very heavy task focus over the next few months, I’m temporarily changing my pattern of posting. So for the next while there’ll be a reflection one week and a post of normal type the next. Love to hear what you think!

🙂 Sharon