Share your smile today


I found this quote when I was a teenager and I liked it so much I made a cross stitch thing from it. (I know, you didn’t expect that of me, did you?) A few years ago I found it hiding in a dark corner of my sewing stuff (another surprise!) and pulled it out. Now it sits on our fridge.

It’s not hard to share your smile, and the folk who need it the most are the ones without one. Some people I meet seem determined to be grumpy, but others are just temporarily distracted. If you give them a smile you’re likely to get one returned to you.

Kids smile and laugh about twenty times more a day than adults, apparently – it’s no wonder we want to cling to our youth! And contented adults smile 50% more than unhappy ones. And why not? Smiling’s good for you!

So, share your smile around this week. You’ll be better for it, and just maybe, so will we!