Sure bet ways to improve your life


The ‘Race That Stops the Nation’ has just been run, and thousands of us will have had a lot of fun betting money on a potential winner and enjoying the fairy tale wound into this year’s outcome. The Melbourne Cup is one of those iconic Aussie traditions many of us indulge in, regardless of whether we live in Melbourne or not!

Whether or not you chose to have a flutter, lost your money or won a fortune, and no matter the outcome of any race, there are plenty of sure bet ways to improve your own life. Yes, you can be a winner no matter who gets first past the post on race day! Here are my insider’s tips on how to do so:

Get into training

Regardless of which area of life you want to win in, chance is going to play a very small part in it. No horse running in the Melbourne Cup gets there without a substantial investment of time and effort, and neither will you. Whether it’s relationships or your work world, find ways to improve what you currently do. Get into training. There’s always something you can improve. Some of my courses may help you!

Invest in relationships

Can you imagine standing on the podium, fists pumping the air, surrounded by a yelling crowd, but with no one who knows you to celebrate with? A trophy’s great, but having nobody to share it with isn’t. Keep a balance between what you’re trying to do in life and the people you want to do it with. This means you have to invest in your relationships. Value the ones you’re with and show them your love with time, money, focus and energy. Regularly.

Turn up on the day

So much of the time we’d like to get everything perfect. We spend so many hours choosing our clothes and painting our faces, maneuvering to the best spot to be noticed or deleting bad selfies that we forget to live in the moment. You’re not an image. You’re a person living in the here and now.

Sometimes we really don’t feel ready to step up. It’s ok. Turn up anyway. Do what you can and make the best of it. At least you’re there. Who knows what will happen? You’ve got a zero to one chance if you’re not present!

Back yourself

The world’s pretty obsessed with the favourites. And occasionally with a cause. But if you’re not one of them, feeling like the outsider is miserable. Take a punt and back yourself. You’ve put in the work. You’re entitled to be here. Hold your head high and have a go. The favourites don’t always win; they didn’t this year! Believe the odds are with you and go for it like Michelle Payne did. A little self-love and belief will make a difference to you, regardless of the outcome.

Have some fun

At the end of the day, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all about work. Stop every now and then to laugh with friends and appreciate what’s going well. Had a little win? Celebrate. Hanging with some funny people? Smile. Laugh. Enjoy the moment. After all, life’s good right then. Which makes you a winner. Appreciate it.